Officially "95% complete", a teaser video was released to prime fans for the upcoming "Sonic Genesis". The gameplay appeared to behave strangely, which left some hoping that the video was just bad, and others that the remaining 5% was major technical work. The final product didn't fail to disappoint, with poor sound, a dithered graphic or two, and bugged, jittery, even lagged gameplay. Quickly, I set out to prove those who went so far as to say the GBA "couldn't handle" Sonic 1 wrong by personally reverse-engineering and porting the original game to the GBA platform, and later to the DS. At a smooth 60fps with spot-on gameplay, this one-zone demonstration stands as a true testament to glory of the original.

Dr. Eggman prepares to wreck Sonic. Look out! Get the Chaos Emerald, but don't get dizzy!
Death from below- Newtron doesn't stand a chance Knuckles easily glides through the gap. What lies below?
Visualboy Advance footage of the GBA version of my one-zone demo Visualboy Advance footage of the first zone of "Sonic Genesis" for GBA

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