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 Welcome to Headcannon!

For information regarding who I am and what I do, check out the "About" section. Commercially-released games with which I have been involved or have personally created are featured in the "Games" section, while non-profit, hobby projects I have developed in my spare time are made freely available in the "Headcanon" subsection. This site is also home to my HCGE multiplatform, retro-style game engine and development software

Feel free to join the conversation at this site's Messageboard, and on Discord!

The "Updates" section contains an archive of site- and project-related news. The latest is listed below:

14.06.16 "Engine02" becomes "Headcannon Game Engine" - v 14.06.16

HCGE, formerly known as "E02", has been updated to v14.06.16!

Aside from the re-branding, this update is primarily a gesture, as the last release was roughly one and a half years ago. Development had slowed to a crawl over that period due to my acquisition of a contract for the mobile remakes of Sonic 1 and Sonic 2, however, the absence of updates during that period should not be taken as indication that HCGE is finished. Far from it, actually - there are many major enhancements in the works that will dramatically improve the process of game development, more examples and tutorials are on the way, and there is even upcoming support for even more new platforms. These will be developed and released as time permits.

Today, updates include:

  • HCGE is now available for GCW-Zero! This is currently the preferred platform for portable HCGE usage, as it notably out-performs others
  • "Projectile Objects" have received updates that make them more useful
  • Minor editor and utility updates
  • Games now display at a full 240-pixel height, instead of 224 with upper and lower borders
  • The in-program download system has improved speed and stability, as well as a progress bar

For full details, please see the What's New document. Please also note that the screen height increase required certain parts of existing games to be updated to accommodate the larger screen area, so they will need to be re-downloaded

The HGCE page itself now also contains the expanded license terms, as well as a contributors section, which contains information for making much-appreciated contributions toward HCGE development

Improving the HCGE and its reference materials are and will continue to be a major goal of mine, so keep an eye out for further updates!


13.12.12 Enhanced Sonic 2 now available for iOS and Android
13.05.16 Enhanced Sonic 1 now available for iOS and Android
13.03.09 Headcannon Deployed
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